(+98) 26 37778330 No.485 Phase 1, Eshtehard industrial park, Alborz-IRAN


Pars Hermas holding group has been established in 2002 in Eshtehard, Industrial Park, Alborz-Iran under No. 91

This holding company is actives in the below fields:

1-Pharma plastic packaging such as wide range of bottles, droppers, in different materials HDPE, PP, PET, etc.

2-Cosmetic and hygienic products such as different kind of hair and body shampoo, hair conditioner, hand washing liquid, dishwashing liquid

3- We are exclusive agent of Gustav Baehr GmbH that is a leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment, materials, cosmetic and therapeutic products which are distributed world wild for over 65 years.

4- We are exclusive agent of Dr.Wolz GmbH that is a leading manufacturer of natural, biological ingredients which are derived exclusively from natural sources for food supplements from 1969 through today.




A great majority of eighty million Iranians traditionally use, at least once a day, herbal products in the forms of extract, essence and powder with their drink and meal. This has deep roots in our rich culture and health beliefs which have been passed down through generations, thus promising a spectacularly potential market seeking herbal treatments.

Backed by 30-year experience in pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical packaging and distributing industries of Iran and with an eye toward the point that our nation, historically, has excessive inclination towards herbal medicines, PARS HERMAS has aimed to promote the quality of conventional products and introduce brand new medicines to the market.

PARS HERMAS and its R&D department are inclined to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into conventional formulations of cosmetic and hygienic products. Development of luxury products which not only provide the end user with superior quality of global brands but also offer competitive price is our primary interest.

In the modern era wherein we live, almost two-third of our life is spent outdoors. Wearing high heels and uncomfortable shoes for long hours, we put a lot of pressure and stress on our feet making them vulnerable to a variety of threats including corn, callus, blister, crack and split. Unfortunately, we do not pamper our feet as much as we hurt them. PARS HERMAS, being the authorized agent of Gustav Baehr GmbH, has the vision of taking care of your feet.

The extensive knowledge of our scientists, technicians and market experts afford us the leverage to evaluate the increasing demand of Iranian costumers, and consequently address their health and beauty concerns.

We are looking forward to manufacture and deliver superb quality products from across the world to our clients. With great certainty, we are able to bring significant trade, domestic and regional market accessibility to your business
Dipl. Ing Nahid Hashemi